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wedding planning services in india chennai.

Wedding planning - We provide all services under the sky . We are pioneer in the field with 10 years of rich experience of the industry .We are mainly focused on wedding . John Milton Photography offers you the very best in the field with ensuring you that each and every wedding cover will retain its exclusivity

wedding decoration services.

Wedding decorations- we have bundles of experience in wedding decoration. Indian weddings are epics of their own accord, with so many stories and cherish-able memories in the making. We’ll ensure that through our candid weddingdecorations; most of those emotions are preserved for a life-time

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beach wedding- we ensures that each and every wedding that we cover retains its uniqueness – even when you look at the wedding pictures. This is in stark contrast to what traditional decorators have been doing – capturing weddings in similar fashion – where it is extremely different to tell the difference in various beach weddings